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Tutorials - Tutorial about brolly !

Dark Jocker - 2008-08-22, 12:31
Post subject: Tutorial about brolly !
Welcome i want to show you my PL tutorial about brolly :) I tried to translate it but it isnt easy with

my englisch so if there are any wrong words etc Say in PW or comments


Im giving there map of respawn becouse we will need it later

At start i want to say about skilling speed of skills
Ki level-Good
Strenght-Very good
Sword Fighting-Bad
Attack Speed and Energy-every vocation have the same speed of training of attack speed (AS) and


Hp for one lvl-30
Ki(mana) for one lvl-20

Our teacher is Peragas (At anime he also was brolly father)

He is on his ship

There is map! Red line is way to Peragas from depo.If we walk this road any mummy won't attack us

(surely any one lure she)

Spells what brolly can use are

Description-It something like Utamo Vita at real tibia (you lose Mana not hp) but better is healing with

spell "gran aura" which is from 40 lvl

When to use this spell?-If e.g. pk attack us and we havent 40 lvl for gran aura

What I need?-15 TP 1 lvl

Description-Spell which attacking target and 1 sqm up/down/right/left to him

When to use spell?-Only at lvl 15-30 becouse later dmg from him is sux (very good exping with this

spell at 15-30 lvl but later it's lose of hotkey :>

What I need?-15 lvl,35 TP

Name-Seeker blast
Description-Attacking target

When to use spell?-From lvl 30 very often becouse he have nice dmg and dont cost lots of mana
What I need?-30 lvl 50 TP

Name-Renzoku Energy dan
Description-Attacking all monsters opossite

When to use spell?-Never ... This spell have very low dmg

What I need?-40 lvl 60 TP

Name-tsubi kikouha
Mana-500 ki
Description-Attacking target and some sqm next to target

When to use spell?-This spell is VERY GOOD ! Attack with him VERY often becouse at 55 lvl with

kaioken dmg from him is something like 900-1000

What I neeD?-55 lvl 75 TP

Description-Like tsubi kikouha dmg is nice and attacking target and some sqm next to target

When to use spell?-Like tsubi kikouha ;)

What I need?-70 lvl 90 TP

Name-renzoku kikouha
Opis-Attacking like renzoku energy dan but dmg is very good not like dmg with renzoku energy dan

When to use spell?-Somethimes when opossite us are much monsters

What I need?-80 lvl 100 TP

Wymagana mana-1500
Description-Giving 5 rage

When to use spell?-When we need rage for transform (E.G. when we loggint to game)

What I need?-90 lvl 110 TP

Description-The best brolly spell

When to use spell?-Always when there are much strong monsters ;)

What I need?-100 lvl 120 TP

That was spells which we can have from our Master (teacher) Paragas
We also have spells from other teachers

Piccolo-He can learn us how to create runes "Zanzoken" which teleport us at any place in map (we

cant using it in pz,teleporting before walls etc)

Master Roshi (great tortoise)-He learning us "Kamehameha" (50lvl,70 TP)

Dendi (in dende tower west from paragas) He learning us 3 spells

Description-It's giving us speed like utani hur/utani gran hur on Real Tibia

Description-Like exiva at Real Tibia it finding player (use e.g. Sense "Dark Jocker)

Name-gran aura
Description-Healing our character

Transforms-All transforms brolly are cyclic (when we have <100 mana we back to normal form) for

that transforms we need rage

First Transform we need 30 lvl i 5 rage
-We getting 200 hp and 200 ki,some dmg

Second Transform for 75 lvl
We getting 300 hp,100 ki (+hp from first transform)


Third Transform is for 160 lvl
He giving 500 hp and 200 ki

Fourty transform is for 230 lvl
He giving 1k hp and 1k ki

Fifty transform is our last transform and it's for 300 lvl
This transform we getting from dr.gero and we getting for always 3k hp,2k ki

Im not sure for all informations about transforms.

What we should train

Ki lvl-The best way is staying in one place and use "power up" and when we have full mana "power


Str-We attacking train machine with first or glover

TP-There are 3 way to train TP first is time room but i dont have screem
Second is running on track

Third way is using special hmm weight? (Dont know how to say that)

We also having TP from light,weight,tone items

Attack Speed-We attacking train machine with band

There are some bands
Light band-10 speed
Weight band,thorns band-30 speed
Tone band,Golden band-70 speed
Tone Arm band-100 speed

Defence-At low lvls the best way is let attack us triceratops (when 8 tric attacking us it's easy)

Energy:If any player/monsters attacking us with magic we getting it

+ and - of Brolly
+First transform is 30 and second 75 lvl ! (Other vocations have first at 50,80 and second 100,120)
+He fast training ki lvl,strenght
+Nice spells for low,h-lvls
+Nice hits with transforms

-Low hp from transforms

This char is VERY NICE for players who start playing at DBL (I think the best if it's your first


cuts from server

TAB-Tone Arm Band.The best band at serv (we can use it from 100 AS)
Anni-Monster Annihilator
H anni-Hypper annihilator
DM-Death Machine
W arm,boots,pants,band,belt-Weight items (weight arm etc)
W glover-White glover.One of the best glover on server
TR-time room
GM-game master
Omg-oh my god
n/c-no comment
w/w-wrong window
afk-away from keybord
kk-ok ok
z/w-On polisch it's something like "brb"
TP-train points
AS-attack speed(szybkosc ataku)
pm-private message
LOL - laughing out loud

Where to exp?
Lvl 1-8 Wolfs,tigermans,triceratops
lvl 8-15 north kaio (heaven warrior+exp for moving) or saibmans
Lvl 15-20 mechanoids
Lvl 20-30 bandits
Lvl 30-50 If we have a pacc tsuful civilians if no bandits or hetmans,guard at freeza/king cold ship
Lvl 50-65 If we have a pacc tsuful civilians/saiyan rebelians if no just monsters at hell
Lvl 65-80 If we have a pacc tsuful civilians,saiyan rebelians if no DM at hell or just normal monsters at

hell (ghoul,skeletons etc)
Lvl 80-100 If we have pacc tsuful civilians or (better) DM's at hell
Lvl 100+Dm's at hell or at Pilaf quest
Lvl 160+ Anni,DM's etc


@vinz thx for find that :) My englisch is so bad as i said but im trying ;O Maybe later i will do any tutorial about ...something ;F

@tyrael This tutorial is my in 100% (I made it for polisch guys but i tried translate for other guys)

Gogol - 2008-08-22, 13:20

woW Wow GoooDD tutorial 10/10 :}
Ovixenho - 2008-08-22, 14:06

rl nice tutorial 4 sure the newbis will now taht brolly is a good profession
Raziel - 2008-08-28, 21:57

Hmm... Very nice tutorial, I don't read everything, cuz, I read it on polish site, but it's really nice = d.
.VnZ - 2008-08-28, 22:34

Dark Jocker wrote:
Napoczatku z jaka szybkoscia trenuje sie u niego poszczegolne skille

writes at the beginning, which speed trains at the speed atack.

Tutorial is good, but you've some linguistic errors, so try to fix it up. Then show it us.
if you've Software like Mozilla Firefox, you can use language pacc.


becouse this tutorial got, screens and some good "words"

Tyrael - 2008-08-28, 22:50

It looks like the tutorial has got translated from a good translator, You didn't make it but to the creator of this tutorial thanks, and thank you Dark Jocker for brining it here =)
Damikk - 2008-11-24, 04:02

you need to change
englisch to english

the tutorial is very good :)
good job!

Dynamo - 2008-11-24, 14:16

Very nice guide .... The Polish version also great!
Myxon - 2008-11-28, 15:24

Reference book was much better polish. You has not wrote hein english wanted ...

And also you have executed good rig jobs.

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